About us


quick and innovative engineering that met all of the problems and solutions 


attentive to all of the clients demands, adjust the product to your needs.


We believe in our clients, we believe they deserve the best products and the best treatment 

Global Shield was founded by an elite group that specialize in Product Development, Engineering and Marketing of Military related Products to the Israeli Defense Forces as well as other approved customers. 


Mr. Yossi Bar's Group a well-known group in the armored vehicles market with over 20 years of experience in design, engineering and production of more then 2,500 armored vehicles and 80 specialized vehicle prototypes. 


IN GENERAL: Global shield specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of a variety of products for various Israeli Governmental Agencies, Public and Private Organizations, high-ranking public figures and the Israeli Defense Force.  


OUR PRODUCTS: We develop and implement cutting-edge, customized armoring, equipment kits and automotive solutions for various vehicles and special accessories for military use.  Our work is based on our broad expertise and operational experience accumulated during the last 20 years by the engineering department and management team.   We are approved suppliers to the Israeli army and the Israeli MOD.


The company provides modular solutions ranging from specific, ad-hoc services and products to meet specific needs, to all-inclusive, turnkey armoring solutions, equipment and automotive upgrades products.  


OUR STAFF AND PRODUCTION CAPABILITY: Global shield's professional staff includes armor and automotive experts with experience from the Israeli defense forces know-how.  All the development, manufacturing, and marketing are carried out in-house at global shield's facilities, with a special emphasis on quality assurance production, in which we provide continuous and consistent customer service. 

Our staff has delivered more then 2,500 armored vehicles to various clients around the world including armed forces in Iraq, Israeli military and police, special vehicles for the secret service and more. Among our experience, you can find the armored Chevrolet Savanna (more then 450 vehicles) and the armored land rover defender (more then 400 vehicles).


PRODUCT TESTING: Global shield is a certified ISO9001: 2000.  The Israeli standards institute and the Israeli Military Laboratories test all our products.