The Global Shield Secretariat serves all Global Shield Governance bodies: the Global Shield Board, the Global Shield Coordination Hub, and the Technical Advisory Group. It fosters collaboration and ensures communication among all actors of the Global Shield against Climate Risks, including the Global Shield Financing Vehicles. It facilitates knowledge management and tracks progress in achieving the objectives of the Global Shield against Climate Risks. It also enhances its visibility. Specific tasks include:

Support Board meetings

Support the Global Shield Board and Co-Chairs including Global Shield Board meetings.

Positioning & visibility

Positioning and visibility of the Global Shield against Climate Risks together with Global Shield Ambassadors.

Technical & logistical support

Support the Global Shield Coordination Hub and the Technical Advisory Group by providing technical advice and logistical support.

Support in-country implementation

Support and facilitate in-country implementation work under the Global Shield against Climate Risks.

Support fundraising

Support fundraising activities for the Global Shield.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning also with regards to the InsuResilience Global Partnership Vision 2025 and the Global Shield’s Ambition.

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