Technical Advisory Group

The Global Shield Technical Advisory Group (TAG) provides independent advisory support to countries undergoing the In-Country Process (ICP), including on demand advice to the Coordination Hub, the Financing Vehicles and the Global Shield Board.

The primary purpose of the TAG is to review key documentation stemming from the ICP to ensure countries receive comprehensive Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) support packages. To achieve this, the TAG aims to identify:


Ways of strengthening the countries’ draft Requests for Support to meet the Global Shield principles and/or appropriate supply-side solutions to support countries’ decision-making – not to replace it.


Key implementation risks that – if addressed – would lead to better protection for the most climate vulnerable countries.

Whether the ICP has been designed and implemented in line with recommended criteria under the Technical Review Framework.

TAG Coordinator

To support more effective Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) projects based on countries’ priorities, the Centre for Disaster Protection (the Centre), funded by the UK Government, was recruited by the Global Shield Secretariat as a TAG Coordinator. Their role is to bring deep contextual and technical insight by crowding-in a geographically diverse group of experts from across the broader climate and disaster risk management, adaptation and CDRFI value chains. In addition, the Centre is tasked to uphold the quality and impartiality of the services provided. This also includes the proactive management of potential conflicts of interest within the TAG.

Role of the TAG

Experts recruited under the TAG will conduct their reviews under a set of predefined criteria as laid out under section 4 of the ICP Guidance Note. These criteria build on the five InsuResilience Pro-Poor Principles and The Centre for Disaster Protection Quality Assurance Framework. This approach ensures that, where appropriate, the TAG can specify how the request could be further developed to address countries’ key information needs for support from the Global Shield Financing Structure and/or other implementing institutions.

All reviews stemming from the TAG will be documented and are planned to be shared publicly by the Global Shield Secretariat to ensure transparency and accountability in the process.

For more information on the role of the TAG, please read the ICP Guidance Note.


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