Global Shield Country Communities

The Global Shield aims to substantially increase and enhance pre-arranged and trigger-based finance against climate and disaster risks while linking with efforts on climate change adaptation (risk reduction measures such as early warning systems) and social protection systems. As part of the In-Country Process in each of the Global Shield countries, we engage stakeholders from the public and private sectors, academic institutions and think tanks, international development institutions, local civil society organizations and NGOs, and representatives of affected vulnerable groups. The Global Shield Country Communities are open to anyone who would like to join to learn more about the in-country process in those countries; both local and international actors are encouraged to join.

Global Shield Country Community members will receive emails and invitations to attend update calls to learn about the progress being made as part of the In-Country Process. Members will also receive information on opportunities for engagement through workshop participation and taking part in a stocktake of ongoing and planned projects as well as recently produced reports, analyses, and documents on climate and disaster risk financing-related topics. The Global Shield Secretariat works together with the In-Country Coordinator and In-Country Support Institution to prepare these updates and opportunities for engagement.

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If you work on climate and disaster risk financing and insurance solutions or on related topics (climate change adaptation, disaster risk management and disaster risk reduction, community resilience, financial inclusion, etc.) and are interested in joining one or several of the Global Shield Country Communities, please sign up via this form: